Oversized Knits for Winter

I’m so excited to share this post because sweaters are my favorite thing in the whole world to wear in the winter! Living in Chicago its cold every where you go even inside is cold, so having a cozy sweater is the way to go. I personally love big oversized sweaters! One because they are so cute and flattering but two because they are so warm and you can layer them, so their practical to. Another love of mine during the winter is leggings, (like every girl my age) but I found when it comes to wearing leggings your outfit looks best if your shirt is longer/covers your but because leggings can cut your body into proportions differently then a pair of pants like jeans. Use this to your advantage when dressing! You can bring out some of your best features if you style yourself correctly. I prefer to dress to elongate my legs and I find longer tops helps when it comes to leggings. Here I wore a pair of faux leather leggings which I love because they are so edgy and cute. Then I wore this oversized sweater from H&M which I defiantly recommend, its so soft, cute and only $20! I pulled this all together with these super cute Steve Madden sneaker wedges. (all items linked below in caption). I defiantly suggest trying this style because you will never be cozier on a cold day!

DSC_0344 copy
(click links to shop) Sneaker Wedges: Steve Madden Faux Leather Leggings: Express  Sweater: H&M

DSC_0378 copy.jpgDSC_0375.jpg
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