Ruffles for Valentines Day

I’m so excited for Valentines Day because its a another excuse to dress up wear tons of pink and red. Since date night is the route most people take for Valentines Day I used this as my inspiration for this outfit. For this outfit I actually did something I’ve never done before, but I’ve seen been done. This top here is really…a dress. When I first saw this be done I thought I would never bring my self to do it. But here we are, when picking this outfit out I just couldn’t resist. All I did was tuck a short fitted dress into a skirt. Then I just paired it with a pair of  black heels and there we go. I challenge you to try this to change things up a bit and its a great way to rewear dresses in a new way (we all know we have those dresses we only have worn once but cant find way to rewear them). Also of course I couldn’t find this dress anywhere (I originally got it from Bloomingdales) but you can really do this with any dress, but I linked another dress anyway that I thought would look just as good. Happy Valentines day!

DSC_0688 copy
Dress: Bloomingdales Nordstrom Skirt: H&M Heels: Steve Madden

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