My favorite shorts under $20!

My favorite shorts under $20!

Happy Sunday! I wanted to post super quick to share the shorts I’ve been wearing on repeat since spring. Best of all they are under $20. These shorts are the cotton twill shorts from H&M. They are super soft and comfy, and of course super cute. I love the long pockets and high waist. I’ve worn crop tops, body suits, t-shirts…pretty much everything with these shorts. They are super easy to dress up or down and great for going day to night. Since they are high wasted they look good with crop tops or anything tucked in but one thing I love in particular about them is that they cover my butt which is always struggle. They come in 4 colors….I have them all and I’m hoping they come out with more. In this photo I just kept it simple I’m wearing the “dark Khaki green” short with a free people body suit, Calvin Klein belt and Steve Madden platforms. As always everything will be linked below.


Under $100 finds to buy for spring right now

Spring is finally here! Well in most of the U.S. it is, chicago on the other hand…it was snowing a just week ago and then the next day was 70 degrees. I’m still telling my self its nice out so I’m working on some fun content to share for this spring. Yes, I know its been a hot minute since the last time I shared some fashion posts but I promise the wait is almost over. Untill then I’m going to share some affordable trendy pieces that you can right now all for under $100.

Tie Dye

Buy here from TopShop

Tie dye was one trend I was not super excited about. I couldn’t wrap my head around the cringey tie dye I wore at summer camp being used to look chic, but a lot of designers have done a really good job making it look fresh and clean. I love this utility suit its super on trend with the utility trend and it uses enough tie-dye to make it fun but not scream summer camp.

Strappy sandels

Buy here from Zara

Your feet will thank you for throwing you super high heels to the side for a while to wear these strappy low heeled sandals. I love this trend its very feminine and great for spring/summer. This trend instantly changes a boring outfit to chic and classy.

Colorful Denim

Buy here from TopShop

Brighten up your wordrobe with some fun, colorful denim. I’m super excited about this trend because I love really taking in the new season and wearing fun colors. I love these skirt and jacket sets I’ve been seeing everywhere, super cute for lunch or a day out shopping.

Acid wash denim

Buy here from Bershka

Since I am a denim addict, of course, I was excited when I saw this trend and of course, I already owned a pair of acid wash jeans. I love this denim trend because you can have a super simple outfit but it looks fresh and new with these fun jeans. And for a simplistic person like me, that’s what I need

Beaded bags

Buy here from TopShop

I was surprised to see everyone raving about beaded bags still because they got big last year but died due to the season. I geass not enough people got a chance at them last year so here they are again and I’m loving it. I love beaded anything, not sure why but I do. I love these bags for going to beach or a beach themed outfit but I’ve seen them styled super well with dresses and casual outfits as well.

The Swimsuit guide: My Favorite Brands

The Swimsuit guide: My Favorite  Brands

I am crazy about bikini’s and I have a million of them. Since spring break is coming up I like to get some new swimsuits especially for my trip and I want to share some of my favorite places to buy swimsuits to help you get cute Bikinis at a great price and quality.


Zaful is a great place to get swimsuits if you want really cheap sets. The bikinis are soo cute and trendy. The only problems are that the quilty is not amazing and sometimes the sizing gets off because you can’t pick a different size for the top and bottom you have to get both in the same size. If you are the same size on the top and bottom you should be ok. Overall I love the Bikinis I’ve gotten from there and I am collaborating with zaful so you guys can use my code anytime to get 15% off sitewide. I will also put a link below

Mega Swimwear Sale 15% OFF


If you haven’t checked out Asos yet you are missing out. Asos carriess many brands from high end to very affordable. They don’t just carry bikini’s they carry every thing from clothes to skin care. They have so many bikini options I promise that you will find one thats for you.

Lahana Swim

Lahana swim is a bit more pricey than the average brand, but they have the cutest styles and great quality. They’re style is very bohemian chic and would be great for a trip to Mexico or anywhere tropical.

koana swim

I just recently got a bathing suit from koana. They have super cute styles and are pretty affordable. I’ll do another review when my new bikini arrives!

Below are more swim suit brands I’ve been loving lately that you should check out for spring break!


Ris-k Swim

Serei swim

Riot swim

Ribbon Sweater, Closet Revamp

Ribbon Sweater, Closet Revamp

I got this sweater way back in August but I still wanted to share it because it’s a great example of how you can DIY your own sweaters to make them unique and new again because we all get tired of our closets and need to just revamp some peices a little.

Jeans: Brockenbow sweater: TopShop Shoes: Steve Madden

I originally got this sweater at TopShop and yes it did already have the ribbons looped through the knitting but the first thing I thought when I saw was… you could so do this with any regular sweater and give an old sweater life again. All you would need is a sweater and some ribbon and just loop the ribbon through the stitching in what ever pattern you like. This sweater has the ribbons randomly places all around and the extra ribbon just hangs down, but if you want another look you can arrange the ribbons differently. Also I would suggest securing the ribbon where you want it by just glowing or sewing the end on the inside because this sweater doesn’t have any ends secured and while wearing it I’m always worried about pulling the ribbons out.

With this sweater, I styled a pair of Brockenbow jeans (by the way they have super cute great quality jeans I would definitely go check them out). This pair very small circular rips at the knees and I love them because they are so unique I haven’t seen any other jeans with this feature. Finally, I wore some of my favorite wedge booties from steve madden which I have been wearing non-stop this winter because they are so comfy and they have a heel but I can still dress them down.

No outfit is ever done with out accessorizing! I kept it simple with Pearl studs and layered gold necklaces to add more to outfit and so the top wasn’t to plain. layering gold jewelry is super trendy right now and I love it. You can just throw on a tank top with some gold necklaces and it looks effortlessly chic and who doesn’t love an easy outfit.


Cute Hoodies for Cold Days

Cute Hoodies for Cold Days

Can we just take a moment and talk about how it is -20 degrees outside (I’m not exaggerating) unfortunately because Chicago decided to be in a polar vortex I haven’t been able to go out and take pictures of outfits for my lovely readers because if you walk outside right now you will turn into Olaf from frozen. Despite the cold, I am back with a super comfy outfit for cold days just like today.

For this outfit, I chose this super cute fuzzy hoodie with letters on it from Bershka. The hoodie is not real fur but my mother is convinced that it looks like a dead alphabet animal. But besides that, it’s super cute and comfy. Every comfy outfit needs a pair of leggings so here I am wearing a pair of Wunder under leggings from Lululemon. Since this is a great on the go outfit I paired it with Nike Cortez’s in rose gold because your girl loves pink. Cute hoodies and sweatshirts are always at the top of my list for winter because they are cozy and warm. Since sweats are super trendy right now you can find cute hoodies everywhere at all price points. Here are some links to where else you can find some: Topshop, Forever 21, and Bershka. Also, I now link all my outfits from Instagram and the blog on the 21 buttons app where you can follow me and buy the same items I’ve styled through the app! You can view my profile here. Also as always, I linked the whole outfit below.

21 buttons app profile, hoodie: Bershka leggings: Lululemon Shoes: Nike

Aviator Jackets for Casual Nights out

Aviator Jackets for Casual Nights out

I’m super excited about this post because I love aviator jackets so once I picked one up I had to share it. I did a trend post on aviator jackets but I wanted to share more about them because I think they will be a huge essential this fall/winter. This outfit is pretty basic but still super cute for a casual night out. This top is from forever 21 and has a slight rust colored sparkle in it. I paired this with a pair of wax coated jeans, this is another essential for the colder months because you can wear them from day to night and they are super flattering. Finally I’m just wearing a pair of block heels from Steve Madden. There are so many great essentials I’ve been posting about lately so I’m going to make one post rounding them all up, so stay tuned.

Top: Forever 21,Similar Jeans: 7 for all man kind Shoes: Similar jacket: Blank NYC

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Lounge wear

Lounge wear

It’s starting to get chilly out and if your anything like me you’re going to start staying inside more and more because you just can’t get your self to brave the cold, because of this I wanted to  share some of my favorite places to buy loungewear pieces so you can start getting cozy right away. Here I’m wearing ripped leggings which have been trendy lately and a cropped pullover sweatshirt from H&M.  I chose places of all different price points that I like to shop so you can choose one among your budget. Here are some links:






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Clothes to Buy this Fall

I wanted to share a Fall shopping list with you guys as soon as possible because if your anything like me it helps to have a plan of what types of styles to look for when you start shopping for next season. This year so many great trends have been coming out so I’m super excited to style some this fall. If you have not already noticed I have a new page here on my blog where I find new trends and briefly talk about them and give you a couple styling examples. I was hoping this may help you guys pick out the trends that you like without having to spend so much time flipping through magazines and scrolling through Instagram. This list is inspired a bit by some of the trends that are on that page.  These are all things I’m shopping for this fall or I already own and know I’m going to be wearing on repeat. Of course, this list always grows as trend come out but this is the start, So without further ado:

  1. Leather Jackets
  2. Aviator jacket
  3. moto jackets
  4. Over the knee boots
  5. oversized and unique jean jackets
  6. Sock sneakers
  7. Cropped sweatshirts and sweaters
  8. The perfect leather bootie
  9. A fashionable backpack
  10. black tights
  11. Statement belts
  12. Fur jackets/vests
  13. Graphic tee’s
  14. Dad shoes

Summer Neutrals

Summer Neutrals

This week I wanted to share a basic of my summer which is.. Neutrals! ( I know… what’s new?) My shorts and top are both staple items for summer. The top is actually great all year because it pretty much goes with everything. The shorts are great because they have zippers adding a little bit of edge. These are cool because they are the perfect length to cover the booty. I paired this with another one of my all year favorite’s, this belt from Calvin Klein. Finally, I just wore black lace-up sandals to finish it off.

Top: Windsor Shorts: TopShop Shoes: Steve Madden Belt: Calvin Klein

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Adore Me Review

Adore Me Review

This week I wanted to review a brand called Adore Me, you may have heard of this brand before but they are a lingerie/swim/sleep brand and they are most known for there monthly subscription box. The way this works is every month you pick out a bra and panty set/ sleep set and they mail it to your house. However, you can skip a month if you want to. I have always shopped at Victoria secret for as long as I can remember but I wanted to change things up. I ordered 2 sets as well as a bikini set. I like how they carry many size choices ranging from 30A to triple D but I found that there weren’t many options of plainer colors that you can wear under a lot of clothes which was kind of disappointing. Although I did like how the bikinis had a large age range. For example, there were a lot of skimpier sets and a lot of conservative covering suits to fit anyone’s style. The shipping came in a good amount of time; about 3-5 days. I found the quality is equally as good as Victoria secrets bra’s and underwear. The fabric was very soft and after a couple washings, they still seemed new. The bathing suit was great! The fabric was very soft and the quality is great. This bikini is so cool, the top and bottoms cross in the front and tie in the back. If your looking for another place to buy underwear I definitely suggest Adore Me because of its great quality and the prices are great (they also have a lot of sales)

photography credit: @aqalpsphoto via instagram

Adore Me

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