Easy and effortless

As I was thinking of outfit idea’s to show you guys, I thought of some of my go to outfits that I always wear if I need a quick, effortless outfit. This outfit is super basic but you can change it in so many different ways. Here I’m wearing these super cool wax jeans with zippers on the ankles, I choose these because they add a little more to the outfit rather then a plain pair of jeans. A huge staple for any wardrobe is plain t-shirts, my favorite place to get t-shirts is j.crew/j.crew factory and Madewell. The fit of your t-shirt is actually super important because if you have the wrong fit it can create an illusion that can negatively change the proportions of your body.  This is something I suggest to everyone to try different styles and decide which they gravitate to the most because it makes a huge difference. This is a great outfit you can throw on quickly as well as pair together with pretty much anything to get many different looks.

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Sweatshirt Dresses for Spring

As spring approaches I’m starting to slowly wear warmer weather items. When its warm out I love to wear dresses but when its still a little cold out dresses are not the most practical thing. This is where I love sweatshirt dresses, they’re cozy and girly while still warm. Here I’m wearing this gray one with cute tie cross details on the shoulders. Since this is a casual look I paired this with some slip on’s. I definitely suggest getting a pair of slip ons for spring, they are so comfortable and they don’t look as bulky like a lot of sneakers. The ones I’m wearing here are from Van’s, I have another pair in white also. Since slip ons have been super popular in the last couple years, so many brands make them but I would recommend Vans or Steve madden. I couldn’t find my dress anywhere to link it but I linked some super similar ones below.

DSC_0083 copy
Dresses: Forever 21 Forever 21 Nordstrom Bloomingdales  Slip on’s: Vans Steve Madden

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Spring Transitioning sweater

As spring is coming slowly, I’ve started to plan some outfits. In Chicago we don’t get much of spring its really only a week or two, then it goes from unbearably cold to hot as heck. Since we still have spring months and every one really just wants to break out white and shorts, I decided to blog about some transition outfits so hopefully this is useful to wherever you live. Here I’m wearing an adorable white sweater with side tie’s. This sweater is a great transitional piece because it would look super cute with jeans as well as a pair of shorts, depending on the weather. Here I paired it with just a pair of black coated jeans and some knee high boots. I love these boots, I would definitely recommend adding a pair of these to your wardrobe. These boots go along with the trend of the thigh high boots but, they stop just above the knee. I found I love these because they elongate my legs more then thigh high boots.

DSC_0903 new

My Favorite Products of the Season

I’m super excited to share this post because this season I’ve found a lot of really great products. Most of these products I’ve found more recently and some I’ve been using for a while but, I still wanted to share them. Since it’s winter most of these products are hydrating to prevent damage to skin or hair with the cold, dry, air. I have dry skin all year round and these products really help.  Some of these products I got as samples from the Sephora subscription box and others I just bought and really liked them. If you love trying new products I definitely suggest getting a subscription to these monthly boxes. If you don’t know how these boxes work they basically send you beauty products (sample sizes and regular) to try in hopes that you will buy more. I currently get the Sephora box and I really like it because they send samples from higher end brands and ones I shop at a lot so, personally I prefer it. I have also tried Ipsy which carry’s high and low brands as well as some not as well known brands. I have also heard good things about boxes like Birchbox, glossy box and glam box. If you want to check them out:

Dr. Jart’s Tiger Grass Cream:

DSC_0598 edited
click here to view at Sephora

I got this cream in the Sephora box and I didn’t really think I would ever use it but I tried it and I loved it. It hydrates and soothes redness and itching due to dry skin. My skin doesn’t itch when its dry but it defiantly gets very red and irritated. I found this product works on area’s I’m breaking out in. I like to put it on at night before I go to bed because when I wake up my skin looks flawless. I’ve also tried this during the day but I found it doesn’t work as well but I think its mostly because your skin gets more wear during the day then at night. I defiantly recommend this product for anyone who breaks out due to dry skin.

Shea Moisture’s clarifying and hydrating mud masks:

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click her for hydrating mask         click here for clarifying mask

I found these masks a long time ago and I’ve been using them ever since. These masks are really great for sensitive skin, but at first I found the hydrating mask does burn just a little bit but after the first time it stops. I always use the clarifying mask followed by the hydrating mask and it makes my skin super clear and glowing. I sometimes use these masks everyday and I don’t break out or get dry skin because they are very sensitive towards skin. Shea moisture is also a great brand at a great price point, all their products are cruelty free and all natural.

Tarte’s Double duty beauty shape tape contour concealer:

DSC_0632 new.jpg
click here to view at Ulta

This concealer is already very highly recommended by beauty gurus but I decided to include it anyways. I used to use the Nars creamy radiant concealer (which is still great) until I found this. I’m super pale and I have trouble finding concealer to match my skin tone but this one matches perfectly and feels great on the skin. If you are very pale I definitely suggest checking this concealer out because its amazing! (also I wear the shade fair)

Moroccanoil hair treatment and verb ghost oil:

DSC_0640 new.jpg
Click here to view at sephora
DSC_0656 copy.jpg
click here to view at sephora








I added these to together because they work pretty similarly. They are both hair oils I got in a Sephora box. They are great for curly hair because it smoothes frizz really well. I use these a lot because I risk a lot of hair damage due to heat and coloring and they work really well to hydrate and smooth for sleek hair. The moroccan oil is a little heavier but great for thick hair and the verb oil is very light so you barely know its there. I use either depending on how my hair is acting that day.

Clinique pep-start 2- in- 1 exfoliating cleanser:

DSC_0645 copy.jpg
click here to view at sephora

I got this exfoliator in a Sephora box and really liked. I started using it at the end of the day before I went to bed to get off all my makeup and dirt from the day. I found it helped a lot to control acne and it made my skin glow. I would defiantly recommend this for sensitive skin because it exfoliates without irritating the skin. Also since its a 2-in-1 cleanser its great for carrying with you in your bag so you don’t have to carry two cleansers if your traveling.

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My Denim Staple’s

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I’m super excited to share this post because denim is one of my favorite things ever. It was hard to choose just a couple pairs that are my staple’s but I did it. I picked out all the denim I could not live with out and what I believe everyone should have in there closet. I chose pretty basic category’s to show just a general idea of each type, but I think you can never have enough jeans.

DSC_0860 copy
Joe’s Jeans

The plain skinny: Of course I had to start with the plain skinny jean. These are as basic as it gets really. You can wear these with seriously almost everything and they look amazing. The pair I’m wearing here are from joe’s jeans and I 10/10 recommend, they are so soft and they fit perfectly. This type of jeans I would splurge on because you will defiantly get your moneys worth.

DSC_0778 copy
Joe’s jeans

The black skinny: Black skinny jeans are defiantly something everyone should have in their closet. If you have the right fit they make your legs look so long and slim. This is another one I would suggest splurging on because you wear them so much you want them to be comfortable and good looking. Mine are from Joe’s and I would defiantly recommend.

DSC_0809 copy
American Eagle

The Ripped Skinny: I love to wear ripped jeans when I’m wearing something more plain or want to add something more to my outfit. For ripped jeans wether or not to splurge is kind of blurry in my opinion, because if you wear them enough you want a comfortable, a good looking pair, but in my experience the rip’s and distressing tend to fall apart and not look as good anymore. This pair is from American Eagle and they are ok but the denim is kind of itchy and the fit is not the best but for the price they are pretty ok.

DSC_0772 copy
American Eagle

The boyfriend Jean: Boy friend jeans in the past couple years have really started to make more of an appearance. I love them, they are so comfortable and they look great. This pair is from American Eagle. Normally I’m not a fan of American Eagle jeans but I’ve had these for a while now and they are still as soft and comfortable as when I bought them.

DSC_0869 copy.jpg
American Eagle

Statement jeans: Now this one I was hesitant to put in because I don’t think statement jeans are an essential to everyones closet but I think they are still fun so I added them anyways. My style is pretty much made up of basic’s so I don’t normally buy jeans like these but when I saw them I had to have them. I thought they are were so cool. They’re ripped but they have these designs printed on them and patches placed everywhere. These are some thing I would defiantly save on because your not going to get as much wear out of them because they are memorable so you cant wear them to often.

Ruffles for Valentines Day

I’m so excited for Valentines Day because its a another excuse to dress up wear tons of pink and red. Since date night is the route most people take for Valentines Day I used this as my inspiration for this outfit. For this outfit I actually did something I’ve never done before, but I’ve seen been done. This top here is really…a dress. When I first saw this be done I thought I would never bring my self to do it. But here we are, when picking this outfit out I just couldn’t resist. All I did was tuck a short fitted dress into a skirt. Then I just paired it with a pair of  black heels and there we go. I challenge you to try this to change things up a bit and its a great way to rewear dresses in a new way (we all know we have those dresses we only have worn once but cant find way to rewear them). Also of course I couldn’t find this dress anywhere (I originally got it from Bloomingdales) but you can really do this with any dress, but I linked another dress anyway that I thought would look just as good. Happy Valentines day!

DSC_0688 copy
Dress: Bloomingdales Nordstrom Skirt: H&M Heels: Steve Madden

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Cozy Weekend lounging!

For all those who live in cold climate’s, I feel your pain! This winter in Chicago has been super out of the ordinary, it’s either super cold or super warm. But on those cold days you can bet I’ll be inside sitting next to the heater. I wanted to share one of my favorite outfits to wear on those cold weekends that your just running errand’s and sitting at home. I’m wearing a super cozy pull over sweatshirt, which has super cute pockets. The pockets are not like regular hoody pockets and they are only little squares but they add a lot to a plain white sweatshirt. This sweatshirt is by Kenneth Cole but for the life of me I can not find it anywhere online, so I linked similar tops below. My leggings are just plain cotton camo leggings from Aritzia. I love these, they’re so soft. Of course to finish any cozy outfit you have to have the socks, I linked my favorite pairs of socks below also.

DSC_0548 edited
Tops: zella sweater Nike top  Calvin Klein Sports BraLeggings: Aritzia Socks: Ugg socks Yaktrax socks 

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