Under $100 finds to buy for spring right now

Spring is finally here! Well in most of the U.S. it is, chicago on the other hand…it was snowing a just week ago and then the next day was 70 degrees. I’m still telling my self its nice out so I’m working on some fun content to share for this spring. Yes, I know its been a hot minute since the last time I shared some fashion posts but I promise the wait is almost over. Untill then I’m going to share some affordable trendy pieces that you can right now all for under $100.

Tie Dye

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Tie dye was one trend I was not super excited about. I couldn’t wrap my head around the cringey tie dye I wore at summer camp being used to look chic, but a lot of designers have done a really good job making it look fresh and clean. I love this utility suit its super on trend with the utility trend and it uses enough tie-dye to make it fun but not scream summer camp.

Strappy sandels

Buy here from Zara

Your feet will thank you for throwing you super high heels to the side for a while to wear these strappy low heeled sandals. I love this trend its very feminine and great for spring/summer. This trend instantly changes a boring outfit to chic and classy.

Colorful Denim

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Brighten up your wordrobe with some fun, colorful denim. I’m super excited about this trend because I love really taking in the new season and wearing fun colors. I love these skirt and jacket sets I’ve been seeing everywhere, super cute for lunch or a day out shopping.

Acid wash denim

Buy here from Bershka

Since I am a denim addict, of course, I was excited when I saw this trend and of course, I already owned a pair of acid wash jeans. I love this denim trend because you can have a super simple outfit but it looks fresh and new with these fun jeans. And for a simplistic person like me, that’s what I need

Beaded bags

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I was surprised to see everyone raving about beaded bags still because they got big last year but died due to the season. I geass not enough people got a chance at them last year so here they are again and I’m loving it. I love beaded anything, not sure why but I do. I love these bags for going to beach or a beach themed outfit but I’ve seen them styled super well with dresses and casual outfits as well.


Healthy Eating: My Smoothie Tips and Tricks for an amazing smoothie

Healthy Eating: My Smoothie Tips and Tricks for an amazing smoothie

Since spring is just around the corner and I bet everyone is starting to think more health-oriented, I wanted to share my smoothie tips and tricks for a yummy and healthy smoothie. If you have not noticed almost every day on my Instagram story (@brooke.annafp) I have some smoothie or smoothie bowl, I am just simply obsessed. Everyone is always asking me “Those look so good, how do you make them?” or “How do you make a good smoothie?” and today I am here to answer your questions! Since making a smoothie is basically as simple as just blending fruit I’m sharing my tips on how I make really good and of course pretty. To start out with that basics I would like to share my simple formula:

Liquid+Yogurt+Frozen Fruit+Special Additives (protein, honey ect)

Yep its as simple as that to begin with, but I have my tips to make it really great and pretty:

  • Use vanilla yogurt
  • Use drinkable yogurt
  • Use half frozen, half fresh fruit
  • Source where you get your ingredients ( I love whole foods)
  • Use raw honey
  • Use organic everything, if you can.
  • Find granola you like…Or make it your self (sneak peek for a future post…)
  • For a pretty colored smoothie adding certain berries will make different colors: blue berrys=purple, raspberrys=red, black berrys= dark purple
  • Use freshly squeezed juice or use your favorite
  • Lemonade is always great for liquid
  • If you want a kick in your smoothie to add something carbonated like carbonated juice or lemonade
  • If you are adding protein powders or anything of that sort. Find a product that you really like on its own or something you can’t taste at all in the smoothie. Powders can easyly ruin the whole taste of the smoothie

I hope this answered some of your guys questions or at least inspired you to make your very own famous smoothies. I often post recipes on my instagram story so if you guys would like to follow along follow me on instagram @brooke.annafp.

Wishing you a happy and healthy spring,

-Brooke Anna

Gingham and Ruffles

Gingham and Ruffles

I’m super excited to share this outfit because its finally getting warm here in Chicago and I’m busting out all my warm weather clothes. I recently went to New York (why I haven’t been posting lately) and I did so much shopping. I couldn’t wait to share all the new outfits with you guys. These pants were defiantly at the top of my list to share with you because the minute I saw them in a store I knew I loved them! They’re light cotton and very soft, perfect for summer. I’ve been looking for a Gangnam print pair of pants for a while now and I found these were perfect. They even have a cute ruffle detailing on the pockets. Since these pants are definitely a statement I focused the rest of the outfit around them. I paired a plain cotton white tank top and a simple pair of low block heels. I got these pants at Zara and while looking through their website. I found that they have so many great pairs of pants to choose from for summer. (all links below)

DSC_0274 edited (1)
Pants: Zara Shoes: Similar Top: Old Navy

Easy and effortless

Easy and effortless

As I was thinking of outfit idea’s to show you guys, I thought of some of the go-to outfits that I always wear if I need a quick, effortless outfit. This outfit is super basic but you can change it in so many different ways. Here I’m wearing these super cool wax jeans with zippers on the ankles, I choose these because they add a little more to the outfit rather than a plain pair of jeans. A huge staple for any wardrobe is plain t-shirts, my favorite place to get t-shirts is j.crew/ j.crew factory and Madewell. The fit of your t-shirt is actually super important because if you have the wrong fit it can create an illusion that can negatively change the proportions of your body.  This is something I suggest to everyone to try different styles and decide which they gravitate to the most because it makes a huge difference. This is a great outfit you can throw on quickly as well as a pair together with pretty much anything to get many different looks.

DSC_0181 edited (1)
DSC_0172 edited (1)

Sweatshirt Dresses for Spring

Sweatshirt Dresses for Spring

As spring approaches I’m starting to slowly wear warmer weather items. When its warm out I love to wear dresses but when its still a little cold out dresses are not the most practical thing. This is where I love sweatshirt dresses, they’re cozy and girly while still warm. Here I’m wearing this gray one with cute tie cross details on the shoulders. Since this is a casual look I paired this with some slip on’s. I definitely suggest getting a pair of slip on’s for spring, they are so comfortable and they don’t look as bulky like a lot of sneakers. The ones I’m wearing here are from Van’s, I have another pair in white also. Since slip on’s have been super popular in the last couple of years, so many brands make them but I would recommend Vans or Steve Madden. I couldn’t find my dress anywhere to link it but I linked some super similar ones below.

DSC_0083 copy
Dresses: Forever 21 Forever 21 Nordstrom Bloomingdales  Slip on’s: Vans Steve Madden
DSC_0096. copy copy

Spring Transitioning sweater

Spring Transitioning sweater

As spring is coming slowly, I’ve started to plan some outfits. In Chicago we don’t get much of spring its really only a week or two, then it goes from unbearably cold to hot as heck. Since we still have spring months and everyone really just wants to break out white and shorts, I decided to blog about some transition outfits so hopefully, this is useful to wherever you live. Here I’m wearing an adorable white sweater with side ties. This sweater is a great transitional piece because it would look super cute with jeans as well as a pair of shorts, depending on the weather. Here I paired it with just a pair of black coated jeans and some knee-high boots. I love these boots, I would definitely recommend adding a pair of these to your wardrobe. These boots go along with the trend of the thigh-high boots but, they stop just above the knee. I found I love these because they elongate my legs more than thigh high boots.

DSC_0903 new

My Denim Staple’s

My Denim Staple’s

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I’m super excited to share this post because denim is one of my favorite things ever. It was hard to choose just a couple of pairs that are my staple’s but I did it. I picked out all the denim I could not live without and what I believe everyone should have in their closet. I chose pretty basic category’s to show just a general idea of each type, but I think you can never have enough jeans.

DSC_0860 copy
Joe’s Jeans

The plain skinny: Of course I had to start with the plain skinny jeans. These are as basic as it gets really. You can wear these with seriously almost everything and they look amazing. The pair I’m wearing here is from joe’s jeans and I 10/10 recommend, they are so soft and they fit perfectly. This type of jeans I would splurge on because you will defiantly get your money’s worth.

DSC_0778 copy
Joe’s jeans

The black skinny: Black skinny jeans are defiantly something everyone should have in their closet. If you have the right fit they make your legs look so long and slim. This is another one I would suggest splurging on because you wear them so much you want them to be comfortable and good looking. Mine are from Joe’s and I would defiantly recommend.

DSC_0809 copy
American Eagle

The Ripped Skinny: I love to wear ripped jeans when I’m wearing something plainer or want to add something more to my outfit. For ripped jeans whether or not to splurge is kind of blurry in my opinion, because if you wear them enough you want a comfortable, a good looking pair, but in my experience, the rip’s and distressing tend to fall apart and not look as good anymore. This pair is from American Eagle and they are ok but the denim is kind of itchy and the fit is not the best but for the price they are pretty ok.

DSC_0772 copy
American Eagle

The boyfriend Jean: Boyfriend jeans in the past couple of years have really started to make more of an appearance. I love them, they are so comfortable and they look great. This pair is from American Eagle. Normally I’m not a fan of American Eagle jeans but I’ve had these for a while now and they are still as soft and comfortable as when I bought them.

DSC_0869 copy.jpg
American Eagle

Statement jeans: Now this one I was hesitant to put in because I don’t think statement jeans are essential to everyone’s closet but I think they are still fun so I added them anyways. My style is pretty much made up of basic’s so I don’t normally buy jeans like these but when I saw them I had to have them. I thought they are were so cool. They’re ripped but they have these designs printed on them and patches placed everywhere. These are something I would defiantly save on because you’re not going to get as much wear out of them because they are memorable so you can’t wear them too often.